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Hornby R7322 HM7000-21TXS: Bluetooth? & DCC Sound Decoder (21-pin)

by Hornby
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Product Info

Part of the innovative new HM7000 range, this 21-pin Bluetooth? and DCC sound decoder is ready to plug into locomotives featuring a 21-pin (NEM660) socket. You'll find the 8 pin socket in Hornby locos and many other locomotives in OO, HO and some smaller scale locomotives.

The decoder is designed to supply 1000mA continuous load to the main motor and a peak demand of 1500mA. Making it highly suitable for most 00 and HO scale locos.

This decoder also has sound capabilities and comes with a high quality 'sugar-cube' miniature speaker. This is quickly and easily plugged into a socket on the decoder.

Also included are assorted 'speaker enclosures'. When installing the speaker inside your locomotive, picking the largest enclosure which will fit inside the loco body will give the best sound reproduction from your speaker.

Download your first set of sounds and install them via the HM7000 app - you can download different sound packs and change those on your decoder later if you wish.

An R7377 Power Bank can be purchased separately and added to this decoder. We recommend for ease you do this during the first install. The Power Bank will keep the loco operating during short power outages when running over dirty track or complex points - keeping the sounds operating and the loco moving. 

What's Inside

1 Decoder, 1 Sugar-cube Speaker, 1 set of assorted speaker enclosures.

*Please note: For DCC control of your HM7000-TXS, power your track using a compatible DCC controller (Hornby Select - R8213, Elite - R8214 or eLink - R8312. For Bluetooth? only control, power your track using a compatible power supply (P9102W ? 1 Amp, P9302W ? 4 Amp and P9602W ? 1.2 Amp) and the HM7020 adapter, or the R7337 HM7020 4 Amp Bundle. Correct function on any other DCC system or power supply cannot be guaranteed and may result in decoder failure.

Please ensure that your smart device is able to download the HM | DCC app prior to the purchase of any HM7000 products.

Learn more

For information on how to get started with HM7000 and the HM | DCC app, please visit here for Text-Based Tutorials, Instruction Manuals and Profile Function Maps.

The following points must be considered below when purchasing. HM | DCC and the HM7000 decoders have been extensively tested up to a range of 45 metres in plastic bodied locomotives and up to 12 metres in die-cast bodied locomotives. HM | DCC and the HM7000 decoders have been extensively tested up to a max of 14 non-stationary, running locomotives. HM | DCC and the HM7000 decoders have been extensively tested on iOS devices dating as far back as 5 years from today's date. Any devices older than this cannot be commented on for proper function by Hornby Hobbies. Please ensure that the incompatibility list is considered prior to any purchase.

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