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El Grande 2023

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El Grande is finally back! After nearly 30 years, Hans im Gl?ck has completely overhauled their favourite area control game, and gives their most anticipated classic a fresh coat.


? A complete rework of the artwork, cover, and pieces in the game.
? Overhauled and updated rules, including minor improvements.
? New variant for 2, 3, and experienced 3 players.
? 2 new mini-expansions.

El Grande is set in 15th-century Spain, at the end of the Reconquista. The players send out their caballeros to gain control over the 9 regions and become "El Grande". However, everything depends on the location of the king - and majorities may shift in the blink of an eye.

Players take turns depending on which power card they play. On each turn, players choose 1 of 5 action cards, allowing them to place caballeros on the map and perform a special action. After 3 rounds, they gain points depending on the majorities in the different regions - and extra points for the majority in the current "kingdom" and their home region. After 9 rounds total, somebody will be the new ruler of medieval Spain.

  • The competitive area control game El Grande, Game of the Year 1996, receives a revised edition. The components have been revised both in content and visually

  • In the connoisseur game, you are a part of the grandes, the high nobility, and want to expand your influence in Spain. Gain rule over medieval Spain after nine rounds

  • Send your brave knights to conquer regions and gain more power. Cross the opponent's strategies by using your action cards tactically

  • Influence the king in your favor and spin intrigue to stay one step ahead of the other players. Win the battle for Spain and become the next El Grande

  • 2-5 players | Ages 12+ | 90 minutes playing time per game | Authors: Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich | Game in German
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