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Wheels of Time 61045 N 50' 70T Insulated Box Car - Western Fruit Express (RBWX 64538)

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The Western Fruit Express was a railroad refrigerator car leasing company formed by the Great Northern Railway and Fruit Growers Express on July 18, 1923 in order to compete with the Pacific Fruit Express and Santa Fe Refrigerator Despatch.  These cars had the RBWX reporting mark.  This 1965 built car was lettered with a Great Northern goat logo with black stripes along the sides.   They were equipped Superior Plug Doors, Hydra-Cushion under frame,  body side vents, and had interior restraining devices to keep load from shifting.   These cars were classified as RBL which stands for Refrigerated, Bunkerless, Loader-equipped.   They were well insulated to keep temperature constant and as the name suggest carried perishables and food products that didn't require special refrigeration.  Model features realistic ride height,  10-ft Superior Plug Doors, body side vents, Hydra-Cushion under frame, rivet details along the side body seams, metal wheels, knuckle magnetic couplers.

Great Northern Western Fruit Express (RBWX), PC&F 50-ft 70 ton Insulated Box Car, 10' Superior Plug Door, side body vents, Hydra-Cushion underframe, small logo, #64538