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Kato 106-2015 N Scale 2015 Operation North Pole Christmas Train Pack

by Kato

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F40PH Locomotive Chicago Metra #125 with ONP Wrapping with TCS DCC Installed
Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6054 with "Rosemont" wrapping
Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6131 with "Donald E. Stephens Convention Center" wrapping
Gallery Bi-Level Cab-Coach Chicago Metra #8472 with ONP Wrapping with FL12 DCC Decoder

The F40PH locomotive uses a sophisticated lightpiping and LED system to give it directional headlight and taillight functions on the front of the locomotive for push/pull operation.
All cars are DCC friendly, with FR11 decoders available for optional 11-211/212 Version 2 Interior Lighting Kits with LED.
Bi-Level cab coaches feature directional lighting for push-pull operation, with alternate illuminating headlight and taillights with an on/off switch for mid-train operation. An optional FL12 decoder can be installed in the place of the slider switch to provide DCC control over the directional lighting.
Smooth rolling blackened metal wheels on all Bi-level cars with all-wheel electrical pickup.