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Hornby R8108 TTS Sound Decoder : Tornado A1 Peppercorn Class Steam

by Hornby
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TTS Sound Decoder : Tornado A1 Peppercorn Class Steam

IMPORTANT - The decoder does not support sound under DC (analogue) operation. Sounds can only be played under DCC (digital) operation. This applies to all sounds, both running and spot sounds. The locomotive's motor may be controlled under DC operation.   

  • Supports Short and Long addresses
  • Adjustable Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Back EMF Load Compensation
  • Up to 19 controllable spot sounds dependant on model (see label)
  • Two sound hannels allowing for simultaneous play of a locomotive sound and an individual spot sound
  • It is possible to alter volume of each sound through an individual dedicated CV (Range 0-8)
  • The decoder is equipped to support directional front and rear lighting operation via 'F0' on the controller (dependant on locomotive)
  • The decoder is equipped with 1 auxiliary function output controlled by 'F18' or 'F25' dependant on Locomotive type (Diesel or Steam)
  • Motor Current-Maximum continuous - 500mA
  • Motor Current-Peak  1amp (No function load)
  • Function Output Current Maximum - 100mA (Unprotected)
  • Decoder Current Maximum continuous - 800mA (shared motor and functions)
  • Number of Sound Channels - 2
  • Termination - 8-pin Plug (NEM652) NMRA 

Function list

F0           Headlight/rearlight
F1           Background steam/steam exhaust/coasting
F2           Whistle 4 bursts
F3           Whistle 2 bursts
F4           Whistle short burst
F5           Door slamming
F6           Wheel slip
F7           Coal shovelling
F8           Blow down
F9           Safety valve
F10         Injector
F11         Cylinder cock
F12         Brake
F13         Blower
F14         Guards whistle
F15         Coupler clank
F16         Fireman’s breakfast
F17         Toggle sound between ‘chuffing & ‘coasting’
F18         Aux lighting