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Atlas 709 HO 3-Stall Roundhouse (Kitset)

by Atlas

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Based upon a prototypical structure which was once used to house and repair locomotives, the new 14-3/8" x 15" x 4-5/8" structure is a styrene plastic kit molded in appropriate colors, so paint is not required.

The sturdy construction features brick detail, opening doors, stalls spaced at 15 degrees, an office which can be positioned in multiple locations, two different styles of ventilators and modular construction.

The basic 3-stall kit can be expanded by adding more units to create a bigger facility.

Assembles easily using plastic compatible glue.

This item is designed for use with the Atlas HO Manual Turntable (Item # 305) which can be powered by the Atlas Turntable Motor Drive Unit (Item #304), both of which are sold separately.

Dimensions: Longest section-10 3/8"; Widest section- 11"; Highest section-3"

Stall size: maximum 8" locomotive over couplers